Love Love Love this SONG!


I love the song and I love the video the art expressed in the video is truly telling the story!

Scrap Page!!


So….I have a habit for scrapbooks but my particular type of scrap-booking is not a book but merely a page. Which would consist of ripped out images from a magazine. It usually features what I can afford; and slowly but surely I buy the items…. and then [Read more…]

Cute & Eco-friendly!


Photo courtesy of Gloryvee


I just had to post a picture of this super cute and eco-friendly bag my niece found yesterday for me at Home Goods. It is perfect for all my books and [Read more…]

Good Will Score!

Photo courtesy of Gloryvee

So, I was browsing at The Good Will as I usually like to do, to see what treasures I can find….. as I passed the jewelry department I saw this beautiful black bead necklace with gold trimmings….Very beautiful piece! The lady at the counter, [Read more…]

Spring is back with a Vengeance!

Photo courtesy of Gloryvee

Everywhere I look I can’t help but notice a new sandal, high and/or flat. Every other day there is a new shoe club. First we had Shoe Dazzle which I was faithful to until Sole Society appeared (so In Love)…. But I could [Read more…]

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