Excuse Me, Please No Pushing!


Fashion has evolved so much, that we even have heelless shoes……hmmmm….just by looking at them I feel like am going to tip over. Literally!

As a child, going into the age of being an adolescent teenager I recall walking in my first pair of pumps (with a heel jeje) and barely making it to the other end.

After Lady Gaga introduced to the world her love for these shoes from designer Noritaka Tatehana, [Read more…]

Adding a Favicon to a WordPress.com Blog

Photo Credit: gdotspeaks.com


So, I don’t know about you but it took me a while to add a Favicon to a wordpress.com site. As simple as it is! But I couldn’t find anyone that would just give simple steps to follow, so I decided to do so myself, maybe others are struggling, maybe not! Who knows! But I have provided simple steps to those in need! I must say I love to use wordpress.com because it is very easy to manipulate once you get the hang of things of course. A while back I figured it out! Voila [Read more…]

Very Vintage Jewelry from My Grandmother


My mother was recently in New York visiting her mother, my grandmother. She heard of my fashion blog via my mother and decided to send me all of her jewelry she saved from the 1950’s -1960’s.


Very cool & very vintage. I will be keeping one or two pieces but most of it will go on sale in my online boutique coming soon. SO stand by!!! SO many other goodies to come!





Memorial Day…Look Chic & FEEL Comfy

Memorial Day...Look Chic & FEEL Comfy

TODAY is Memorial Day! I for one will be on my way to a family cook out; my mom makes the best Churrasco (skirt steak) in the world!!! Hopefully it doesn’t rain on us, from the looks of it I think it might! (keeping my fingers crossed)


Well here is a [Read more…]

New at Nasty Gal-My MUST HAVE Picks

New at Nasty Gal

Who doesn’t love Nasty Gal’s online boutique! I am a huge fan! New items in…here are my favorite picks!



New At Nasty Gal




Pink is the New Black……At Least For Now

Pink is the New Black......At Least For Now

Pink is very in this season….it is everywhere, from blended in with other colors to being the main color in an out fit. The more I see pink everywhere the more I want to purchase a pink item. It is not only for women you know….a pastel pink looks absolutely great on a man!!! Don’t you think??


Here are a few PINK pieces that  [Read more…]

From Beach to Drinks with the Girls

From Beach to Drinks with the Girls

According to our Calendars Summer officially starts on June 20, 2012…..that does not mean we are not all bumming out at the beach! This would be my perfect beach day outfit, right afterwards I can go get drinks with the girls or to a restaurant in Miami Beach with my son and Fiancée.
The awesome thing about living in Miami is that it’s basically summer [Read more…]

My ORANGE-Y Wishlist

My ORANGE Wishlist

With all of these ORANGE beauties produced from all of these amazing designers! I am going gaga over ORANGE!! This color is every where and is really in style….


But to dream….it never hurts! This is my [Read more…]

Rain Rain Go Away!

Rain Rain Go Away!

Rain, Rain Go Away, come again another day! Does anyone remember singing that song when they were a child…


It has been raining nonstop for the past week here in Miami. Geez! Especially in the area where I work, it literally floods! I wore pumps the other day to work and it was raining literally so hard by the time I got back into the office my feet were completely soaked and my pumps were full of water, sigh. Regardless, my sister suggested I invest in some fashionable rain boots! Yes rain boots! Here is

[Read more…]

Viva La Betsey!

You have to admire designer Betsey Johnson, everything she creates is so vividly loud in color which immediately captures your attention.

I could not help but instantly fall in love with her new Handbag the Brasil Viva Betsey Tote. Which is the center of my collage above. AMAZING!

I have put together my favorite items from Ms. Betsey Johnson herself. I know New Yorker’s are famous for their Black on Black ensembles but I need COLOR in my life 99.89% of the time (jeje)

Here is my list! Enjoy!

  1. Betsey Johnson Haylie Sandal – Nude/Pink Multi
  2. Betsey Johnson Farmhouse Rooster Toggle Bracelet
  3. Betsey Johnson Iconnn L – Blush Multi
  4. Betsey Johnson Handbag, Brasil Viva Betsey Tote
  5. Tricksy – Natural Multi By Betsey Johnson
  6. Busta – Neon By Betsey Johnson
  7. Betsey Johnson Snippii
  8. Betsey Johnson Evil Eye Cluster Earrings
  9. Betsey Johnson Hawaiian Luau Toc Bumble Bee Charm Toggle Bracelet
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