Look like a MILLION on a BUDGET!

Labels Labels Labels!

I am definitely a new Fashion Blogger but I am not new to the world of blogging, I have been reading endless amounts of Fashion blogs for a few years now. Just because you want to keep up with the latest trends does not mean you have to spend a million to look like a million!!

There are so many stores that are up to date with the top trends and if you are on a budget you can still look trendy and not tacky! Best part of all only having spent a few bucks! I mean for now, most of us can’t afford to purchase the latest Chloe bag or the Yellow Denim Speedy Round from Louis Vuitton (sigh) Okay back to the point here! Tons of your favorite stores always have SALES SALES SALES!

Stay connected with such stores and you will receive emails and invites about the sales and coupons! Many will even have online only sales with an extra coupon to include in your purchase at the end! My point is just because you’re a Fashion Blogger without the necessary means to splurge doesn’t mean you can’t look FABULOUS on a budget!
My Top 10 Favorite Affordable go to stores:

1. H&M (Awesome pieces for great prices!)

2. Forever 21 (people like to bad mouth this store! Beats me why! They have very trendy items and there prices can’t be beat!

3. ASOS (There jewelry selection is ENDLESS and there prices are pretty amazing!)

4. Urban Outfitters (They have their pricey items but you can still find a huge selection of affordable pieces! Huge)

5. GOODWILL- (everywhere you look! Is a reasonable price! And you never know you might get lucky and find a vintage item for $6!)


6. Madewell-(Accesories are prices t great prices)


7. Craigslist- (especially when it comes to electronics!!! I just scored a brand newToshiba laptop for my Fiancée’s birthday gift for only $385 and it has a 17in screen! Talk about a good deal!)


8. Agaci: Boutique Five section-( they have really cute things and there prices are similar to that of Forever 21)

9. Marshall’s & Ross: are good to if you have those stores nearby- (One time in Ross I found JIMMY CHOOS, too bad they were a size to small)



10. American Apparel: (Need I say more)


11. Filthy Magic– (I am newly introduced to this store have yet to order from here but they have awesome pieces and some reasonable prices! Plus you would be supporting a fellow fashion blogger: riamichelle.com since she is the owner of the online boutique)

Well these are just some of my go to stores! Trust me I am on a budget most of the time for now at least!


  1. What a great post! If you are an accessories addict you can find plenty of online sites like Queen Bee, Hautelook etc. that offer designer clothes and accessories at a fraction of the cost. Remember if you don’t love it you won’t wear it and then it’s no longer a good investment. So make sure there is a return policy when buying online!

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