From Beach to Drinks with the Girls

From Beach to Drinks with the Girls

According to our Calendars Summer officially starts on June 20, 2012…..that does not mean we are not all bumming out at the beach! This would be my perfect beach day outfit, right afterwards I can go get drinks with the girls or to a restaurant in Miami Beach with my son and Fiancée.
The awesome thing about living in Miami is that it’s basically summer all year long…. This is great for someone like me who gets cold from a light breeze jeje.
What would you wear to the beach??

1. Drako Lace Dress in Chalk
2. Moto Premium Studded Hotpants
3. Pipali Bikini Top
4. Pipali Bikini Bottom
5. JIMMY CHOO Wedges
6. Juicy Couture Rainbow Canvas Tote Bag
7. Nordstrom ‘Beach Glass’ Long Necklace
8. TOUCH – Nautical style earrings
9. Two-tone straw hat in Sand Dune
10. Gucci Metal Aviators

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