Pink is the New Black……At Least For Now

Pink is the New Black......At Least For Now

Pink is very in this season….it is everywhere, from blended in with other colors to being the main color in an out fit. The more I see pink everywhere the more I want to purchase a pink item. It is not only for women you know….a pastel pink looks absolutely great on a man!!! Don’t you think??


Here are a few PINK pieces that  absolutely Adore!! 🙂




1. Gable Carvela Kurt Geiger

2. Emma Tee

3. Pink Blazer Seaside

4. CHANEL Washed Caviar Maxi Flap Fuchsia

5. MOTO Supersoft Skinny Leigh Jeans

6. Pink Raised Front Maxi Skirt

7. Pink Mixed Bead Bracelet

8. Pink Print Embellished Court Shoes

9. Eliana Pink Suede Ballet Flats

10. H&M Pencil Skirt

11. Moto Stripe High waist Hot pants



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