Excuse Me, Please No Pushing!


Fashion has evolved so much, that we even have heelless shoes……hmmmm….just by looking at them I feel like am going to tip over. Literally!

As a child, going into the age of being an adolescent teenager I recall walking in my first pair of pumps (with a heel jeje) and barely making it to the other end.

After Lady Gaga introduced to the world her love for these shoes from designer Noritaka Tatehana, a few designers decided to throw some out as well.

In one point in time, which may seem faint to us 20 something’s, is that women were not allowed to even show skin, and as times indeed have changed so have our clothes!

I doubt that I will be wearing these shoes any time soon. Though it is amazing how far our minds can stretch things when it comes to ready wear and foot wear. It is funny how fashion has turned a little FUTURISTIC! In fact how it has evolved is great, as we have seen how fashion has changed throughout past decades from the 50’s 60’s and 70’s Disco era. So when you sit back and think, you’ll notice that many trends are just here for an era or just a few months.

We are in the year 2012, so I believe we still have a few decades to go, until it is truly evolved into something that will leave us with our jaws wide open! (Don’t let the flies in)

In order to be in the field of fashion you have to be open minded to everything, you cannot just shoot things down without at least looking at it, be it shoes etc. Now, it is your personal decision if you like it or not, I for one do not follow every trend especially because not every trend is for every body type. I have learned to dress my curvy body over time.

I would however if given the chance, try these shoes on…..I wonder if gravity would turn against me in that point in time??? jejejeje




  1. HOTT!!! Love these…

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