My Very Own Arm Party!


Man Repeller’s Creme de la Creme
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We all know I am OBSESSED with DANNIJO’s  jewelry. I just can’t help it but I can’t afford it right now either jejejej so

I  have made my very own arm party not quite as timeless as DANNIJO but it will do for now lol



SHOUROUK’s Jewelry Haven

I am in SHOUROUK Heaven
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Another favorite indeed is SHOUROUK’S Jewelry which is truly stunning! You really want to stand out of the bunch then wear one of these magnificent pieces!

xoxo Enjoy

1. (Neon Green) Shourouk Moonlight Bracelet 

2. (Silver Cuff) Yildiz Sterling Silver Crystal Cuff

3. E. Vegas Sequin and Crystal Earrings

4. (Brass & Gold) Memphis Mega Necklace

5. Rita Cadillac Necklace

Featured Designer: DANNIJO

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DANNIJO my newest obsession, is absolutely amazing. There designs are vibrant, stand out to the  max, and are  just plain AWESOME! Founded by sisters Danielle and Jodie Snyder in 2008. All DANNIJO jewelry is handmade. The sisters grew up in Jacksonville, Florida. They opened their first boutique in their home town. After college moved to the big apple (NEW YORK) and continued on their ventures in Jewelry design. The sisters participated in a philanthropic event which led them to create the very lux label DANNIJO. Click on the link and check them out! Fall in LOVE with their ARM PARTY sets!!!

The Faces behind the Lux brand DANNIJO

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Jewelry Pick Of The Day

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These earrings are too cute to resist!! I will be getting a pair of my own ASAP!

Very Vintage Jewelry from My Grandmother


My mother was recently in New York visiting her mother, my grandmother. She heard of my fashion blog via my mother and decided to send me all of her jewelry she saved from the 1950’s -1960’s.


Very cool & very vintage. I will be keeping one or two pieces but most of it will go on sale in my online boutique coming soon. SO stand by!!! SO many other goodies to come!





Memorial Day…Look Chic & FEEL Comfy

Memorial Day...Look Chic & FEEL Comfy

TODAY is Memorial Day! I for one will be on my way to a family cook out; my mom makes the best Churrasco (skirt steak) in the world!!! Hopefully it doesn’t rain on us, from the looks of it I think it might! (keeping my fingers crossed)


Well here is a [Read more…]

Good Will Score!

Photo courtesy of Gloryvee

So, I was browsing at The Good Will as I usually like to do, to see what treasures I can find….. as I passed the jewelry department I saw this beautiful black bead necklace with gold trimmings….Very beautiful piece! The lady at the counter, [Read more…]

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