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Belgium photographer Pierre Debusschere took an euphoric approach to this editorial for V Magazine Spain.  The combination of impeccable styling, by Tom van Dorpe, and colorful graphic alteration sure captured everybody´s attention in this spread. It´s fresh and gorgeous!

Modernism released us from the constraints of everything that had gone before with a euphoric sense of freedom.Arthur Erickson


Electric kool aid acid
Electric freshness
Neon deluxe
Illuminant body
Color of beats

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Memorial Day…Look Chic & FEEL Comfy

Memorial Day...Look Chic & FEEL Comfy

TODAY is Memorial Day! I for one will be on my way to a family cook out; my mom makes the best Churrasco (skirt steak) in the world!!! Hopefully it doesn’t rain on us, from the looks of it I think it might! (keeping my fingers crossed)


Well here is a [Read more…]

The Infamous Wolf….


Photo Courtesy of Craigslist


I am in search of this Mannequin….THE WOLF MANNEQUIN….if you live in Miami, FL and know of someone selling this vintage mannequin for a reasonable price please let me know…. I have been hunting one down for a while with no luck!!! Thanks!

Dressed For Life – Win a $10,000 Nasty Gal Gift Card

Dressed For Life - Win a $10,000 Nasty Gal Gift Card

Scrap Page!!


So….I have a habit for scrapbooks but my particular type of scrap-booking is not a book but merely a page. Which would consist of ripped out images from a magazine. It usually features what I can afford; and slowly but surely I buy the items…. and then [Read more…]

Cute & Eco-friendly!


Photo courtesy of Gloryvee


I just had to post a picture of this super cute and eco-friendly bag my niece found yesterday for me at Home Goods. It is perfect for all my books and [Read more…]

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